Karen is insured with WellBeing/ Hiscox insurance. Karen is fully vaccinated. Karen continues to follow government guidelines and health and safety advice, with protective equipment worn as required. (Currently an apron and visor - if requested.) A lateral flow test is normally taken before Karen sees vulnerable clients, also on request.

If you are registered with Karen, but have not had a treatment for over 7 years *****, or if you are a NEW CLIENT, please can you email Karen (from the Contact page) to request a Client Registration Form to complete in advance of your treatment. Or it can be completed on the day, but please allow more time for the treatment booking slot to do this. Client forms are now available in Polish too! (Formularze klienta dostępny teraz w języku polskim.)

Karen's work availability is shown on the Home page. Making a booking is easy. Just click on the "book now" link below, check Karen's availability for a specific day, then either book an appointment directly, or contact Karen and she will book you in on your requested date and time. (If you have any difficulties please contact Karen directly. If phoning, please leave a message and she will call you back, as Karen does not answer unknown numbers.)

Click here to "BOOK NOW".

You can also download the Fresha app and register with them directly, or use a Facebook or Google account. The app can be used to check and modify your bookings. Slots are available between 24 hours ahead and 3 months in advance. You will get an email and a text reminder about your appointment 24 hours before your treatment. Making amendments through the app is very easy, but you cannot amend your booking once you have had your reminder through, as there is less than 24 hours to go! Read the cancellation policy below if you need to rearrange! 

Arrival policy: Karen makes flexible time allowances from 10 mins early to 10 mins late, as traffic can be variable, but after 30 mins overdue, the appointment will have to be cancelled, shortened or rescheduled. Please get in touch as soon as possible, if you are running late and wish to keep the appointment. 

Cancellation policy: Please feel free to rearrange your appointment using the Fresha app if you are unwell for any reason. Karen works with vulnerable clients and does not want to pass on any illnesses, as well as being vulnerable herself. If you are within 24 hours of your appointment, Fresha will not allow you to change it, so you will have to contact Karen to rearrange the date. There is currently no charge to cancel or rearrange an appointment. There is a £5 fuel charge for mobile cancellation if Karen makes an unnecessary trip in the car to a mobile client who is unavailable. 

Whilst Covid becomes part of our normal everyday lives, Karen still requests that you follow these Health and Safety Rules:

  • If you have any kind of cold or virus, no matter how mild, please stay home and rebook an appointment at a later date! (Karen is vulnerable to colds that make her ill for several weeks, and also works with vulnerable clients. So in order to avoid cancelled/ rescheduled appointments for over a month, please consider this first!)
  • You are welcome to use antibacterial hand gel before you enter the house, or wash your hands with soap and water, if you are allergic to hand gel.
  • You may have your temperature checked with a forehead gun thermometer if you appear unwell. You will be asked to go home if you have an unusually raised temperature.
  • You are welcome to wear a mask during the treatment if you are shielding or vulnerable, and I will try to keep the treatment as close to the original as possible and wear a visor if requested, as well as my apron. Extra time will be put into back and shoulders, (for Full Body Massage or Indian Head Massage), and the Sinus Releasing Facial Massage will be omitted.
  • Drinking water will be brought to the salon room at the end of the treatment, unless you prefer to bring your own drink, or would prefer to have a drink of water in the porch instead. We provide pure double filtered water that is free of limescale, chlorine and ammonia. 
***** Please note that for GDPR purposes, all records older than 7 years will be destroyed, (which will be done securely at the end of every tax year). Only your name and client number will be kept on file. A new client form will have to be completed if you return. All paper and digital records are kept securely. Karen registers annually with ICO, since May 2018. 

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