Treatment Descriptions

Massage Treatments

  • Note: Contraindicated areas or areas of the body not to be massaged will be recorded in the client's notes.

Aromatherapy - ALL treatments are provided with the OPTION of essential oils, blended into a base oil or base cream to suit the individual client. Indian Head Massage and Sinus Releasing Facial Massage (with or without Hopi Ear Candling) normally uses body shop oils or preblended oils designed for face and hair. Thai Foot massage uses a base cream with Thai scents.

Sports Massage (requires referral for injury rehabilitation) - 15/ 30 min slots for specific injury focus, or book a named treatment.

  • After completing a brief medical history and an additional 15 min physical assessment of any pain or injury (free of charge), Karen can determine whether a sports massage treatment is suitable, and which muscles need sport treatment focus - including firm muscle cross frictions, stripping, knot and injury release, etc. The pressure is adjusted as required.
  • Common injuries Karen has treated: backache, joint injuries, knee problems, shin splints, achilles problems, golfer's hip, frozen shoulder, golfer's elbow and tennis elbow. Ice massage and sonic treatment is also available for muscular injuries.
  • Karen's sport expertise: Trampolining, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Golfing, Archery. 
  • A client recovering from an injury should be referred from GP, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor or fellow Sports Massage Therapist permitted to diagnose. A client may need to be re-referred to a specialist, in the case of a severe injury.
  • Kinesio sports taping for injuries - 1-2 related body parts per session (time varies depending on the injury), with Physio Room K-tape. Please book a 20 min time slot, or 15 min continuation slot.

All Massage Treatments are tailor-made to the individual, promoting well-being, relaxation and fitness. The pressure is adjusted as required. It can be firm, uplifting and toning, OR soothing, relaxing and gentle. You choose.

90 min Hot & Cold Stone Full Body Massage (recommended in cooler weather)

  • The massage is normally with hot stones, the facial sequence uses cold stones. The treatment can be modified to suit client needs: 
  • Part 1: Hot stones are placed on the back on a towel to protect the skin, one under the abdomen in a flannel, and small ones in the palms of the hands.
    Sequence: back of left leg & foot, back of right leg & foot.
  • Part 2: Stones are then removed from the back & hands, and then placed on a towel on the backs of the upper legs.
    Sequence: back, left arm & hand, right arm & hand, neck & scalp, client turns over and sits up and has a drink. (Very important to drink, as this treatment is very dehydrating!) 
  • Part 3: Hot stones are positioned under a towel to lie on & under shoulders and on abdomen, cold stones are placed under the eyes, hot stones left foot placement & wrap, right leg massage, hot stones right foot placement & wrap, left leg massage.
  • Part 4: Foot stones and wrap removed, shoulder stones removed.
    Sequence: Top front of shoulders, biceps right and left, neck, face massage (with cold stones) and forehead press to finish. 

60/ 75/ 90 min Swedish Full Body Massage 

  • Treatment sequence: face, neck, top of shoulders, left arm and hand, right arm and hand, right leg, right foot, left leg, left foot, tummy, hips, client turns over, back of right leg, back of left leg, lower back & gluts, mid back, upper back & shoulder release, neck & scalp.

30/ 45 min Swedish Back Massage

  • Treatment sequence: lower back & gluts, mid back, upper back & shoulder release, neck & scalp. 

15 min Back Massage or 30 min Full Body Massage for Infant or Child (under 12 years of age) 

  • NOTE: Primary carers are required (by law) to be present throughout a treatment for any child under the age of 16, and 16/ 17 year olds require a permission slip from their primary carer (if applicable). Teenagers have the adult 30 back or 60 min full body treatment. 
  • Treatment sequence: as shown above, but tailored to the pressure of an Infant/ Child, as required.

30 min Indian Head Massage (Seated) (no facial sequence during covid restrictions = more time on the back and shoulders)

  • Treatment sequence: upper back & shoulder release, right arm, right hand, left arm, left hand, neck & scalp, face, front of shoulders, finishing on the upper back.

30 min Swedish Leg Massage

  • Treatment sequence: right leg, right foot, left leg, left foot, client turns over, back of right leg, back of left leg.

30/ 45 min Thai Foot Massage (Seated on the couch) 

  • Treatment sequence: warming the foot, creaming the foot, working the points using the Thai stick, working along the sen lines in the leg, in the calf and up to the knee, wrap foot. Repeat on the second leg. Sequence continues then with working the wraps, stretches and closing sequence.

45 min Hopi Ear Candling Treatment (Biosun) with Sinus Releasing Facial Massage

  • An ideal treatment for people with sinus problems, narrow ear canals, wax build up sufferers, and for people who get blocked ears from flying on commercial planes or from deep-sea diving, because it aids the balance of the u-tubes in the ears. Also a very relaxing treatment.
  • Treatment sequence: Hopi ear candle in right ear, Hopi ear candle in left ear, sinus releasing facial massage alleviating sinus pain and ear blockage. While each candle burns cupped by one hand, the free hand massages, strokes, holds and warms the scalp. Candle treatment time is approx 25-30 mins, with 15 mins Sinus Releasing Facial Massage at the end to make up the remaining time (see details below). Hands are washed in-between.

15 min Sinus Releasing Facial Massage

  • This helps to alleviate painful sinuses and painful fluid filled ears with facial massage strokes that soothe the sinuses and help the sinuses and ears to drain fluid build up. 

Reiki Treatments

30/ 45/ 60 min Reiki Treatment

  • Reiki does not use oils or creams. 
  • A full 30, 45 or 60 minute treatment is done fully clothed, or a partial treatment can be done, for example, 15 mins can added to the end of a massage, with hands placed on or over the required body parts to warm and soothe the area. 
  • Reiki is a gentle energy focused therapy that relaxes the spirit, body and mind. It can help to relieve stress, promote well-being, ease pain, clear emotional blockages and put your chakras back into balance. It is particularly good for people who want to meditate or find it difficult to relax.
  • If you have a household pet that would like reiki then Karen will treat them in the pet's own home for 15 mins, (also subject to mobile charges).
  • Treatment sequence: head sequence (with or without symbols), top of shoulders and chest, arms, tummy, hips, legs, feet, back of head, back, back of legs, feet. The shorter treatment allows less time working on each part of the body, but follows same sequence. The sequence may be repeated in longer treatments or if a client does not choose to turn, or the sequence may go in reverse back up the body. Please ask if you want some focused work on any area that needs more energy. 
  • The whole reiki treatment can be done with the client lying on their back, face up, or they can choose to turn over half way through. 
  • Optional extras: to have a meditation story with the reiki treatment, or to have chakras balanced at the end, with reiki or a crystal pendulum. (Please ask/ request!)

15 min Reiki Blast (Seated)

  • A 15 minute treatment done fully clothed seated in a chair, with both feet on the ground. 
  • NOTE: This treatment should only be done by a fully qualified Reiki master. It is used to support people going through very stressful situations, who need a strong "pick me up" reiki treatment to support what they are going through. (e.g. Cancer treatments). Please visit Cancer Research UK to read more about the benefits of Reiki.
  • Treatment sequence: elements may include attunements of soul star, head, third eye, throat, palms, and heart. Chakras are also brought into balance in the process. 

75 min Combination of Reiki and Massage

  • A treatment combining some massage and reiki in balance to suit the client. See other treatment descriptions to decide what combination to have.

More about Reiki

Reiki (pronounced "Ray-key") is an alternative/ complementary therapy. Japanese in origin, it comes from the words Rei (universal) and Ki (life energy) and is a vital life force that runs through all matter.

Empowered to channel this 'universal life energy', Reiki masters and practitioners use it to heal not only humans, but also animals and plants. All living things respond to Reiki. Once attuned, we become channels to help focus the energy to where it is needed.

Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief system. It is unique to each person. Everyone can heal, and Reiki increases this ability. People who never imagined they could heal discover they have the ability.

霊気, is the modern Japanese that can be entered into Google translate, and it directly translates as Reiki. Individually the words translate as "spirit" and "air", but Japanese language is complex, so the meaning changes when different symbols are joined together.

This form of holistic healing is attributed to Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian minister, who rediscovered this ancient Tibetan philosophy and brought it to Japan.

Rei is also a biblical word meaning "My Shepherd, My Companion, My Friend", so can also be taken to mean "God", "Allah" or "Universe", but most people refer to Reiki as "Universal Energy", which is the best translation.

Karen is now a fully trained Reiki Master (level III) after 6-10 years of apprenticeship. Please get in contact if you are interested in doing an authentic, original course in Usui Reiki with pure lineage, starting with a Reiki Level 1 course.

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